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What is Digital Marketing?

Nowadays, people spend most of their time on the internet. Did you know that 70% of the customers want to learn about products via content online and not through traditional ads? That means, marketing online and making money is an easy and smart thing to do.

Marketing has been around for as long as anyone can remember. It is an essential factor contributing to the success of any business, regardless of its size and the field to which it belongs.

For decades, marketing was limited to magazines, newspapers, and television channels. These were the most developed and effective marketing channels until the Internet and modern technology appeared. Everything changed, starting a new era. A new and fresh marketing concept called Digital Marketing.

With digital marketing, many concepts about marketing and the relationship of the institution with the end user have been changed. Whereby the target customer can be reached at the right place and at the right time. As well as, making it the best case for the purchase decision.

Digital marketing is applying the general principles of marketing science using modern technological tools, especially the Internet. It is the tactics and strategies that are used to convert the virtual digital market into a real one.

Thanks to it, the customer can be contacted in innovative and modern ways. Such as e-mails, SMS, mobile applications, instant messages, electronic billboards, social networking sites, search engines … etc.

We are well-aware of the term, “Digital marketing”, but what exactly is digital marketing?
Simply put, it is a promotion of the products and services via the internet on digital platforms and media. For example, advertising using social media, electronic billboards, and emails on mobile phones, computers, tablets.

what is digital marketing?

With the ever-growing usage of the internet, it’d be wise to make a career in digital marketing! Wondering, what is the best stream in digital marketing? I promise you’ll get all your answers if you stay here till the very end.

There are many types of digital marketing. Let’s have a look in brief how they work.

Best Stream in online Marketing

1. Social Media Marketing 

In a survey by Hootsuite, it is found out that more than a million people join social media every day. And about 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. Therefore, this signifies that social media is no more just your time-pass spot! Its power is limitless. 

What is digital marketing?

Social media marketing is the easiest and one of the powerful techniques to reach wider audiences pretty fast. In other words, it isn’t really difficult to understand what is social media marketing (SMM)? It involves expanding your brand across social media networks to reach marketing goals. 

Each social media platform follows a unique algorithm. As well as, to succeed in social media marketing, one must have the basic tactics. Using these tactics one can easily understand that social media marketing benefits are numerous. Let us learn social media marketing importance through various platforms. Now get rid of daily Hustle, and manage all your social media posts through one social media management tool.

(i) Facebook

It has grown both as a platform to connect to your dear ones and to do self-promotions online. It is one of the best social media marketing tools – a space that inform and engage your customers, thereby forming a greater brand value. 

What is Digital marketing?
  • Facebook business pages are the best free tools for social media marketing. This lets you build your brand identity — share photos, videos, website links, resolve customer queries directly. In short, all you need to do is keep them entertained and hooked.
  • You can also go for classic ads, that appear on the side columns of the Facebook site. 
  • Be as creative as you want — you can host contests and polls! Promote your posts and stories with minimal charges. 

(ii)  Instagram.

It’s the best platform to attract youngsters towards your brand. So, your advertising aim should be to present the brand in a quirky and smart manner. The branding here is done solely using catchy visuals and messages. Therefore, here are certain advantages to social media marketing via Instagram: —

What is Digital marketing?
  • You can create interesting events or trade shows to make people learn about your products and services. (bonus tip: create your own hashtag for better engagement)
  • Increase the brand interactivity by featuring your customer reviews in the stories or posts. This ensures more transparency and thus, increase the trust value.
  • Set up frequent contests to keep up the engagement. As well as, try to add calls-to-action to your website in every post and story, if possible. 

(iii)  Pinterest.

It’s a platform where people mostly come to look for creative ideas. Users think of it as a trustworthy space, so it’s a great marketplace for businesses with a visual facet. 

It’s a very creative and unique platform that focuses more on visual content. It has a different search engine algorithm, so getting a heck of it could be tricky at the beginning. Here are a few strategies to apply for fast success on Pinterest: —

What is digital marketing
  • Focus on Pinterest SEO! Add keywords on three different places – profile (both your name and bio), pins (pin title focusing on the main keyword), and boards.
  • In addition, keep posting fresh pins for better engagement.
  • Join or create creative communities to gain an upper hand in marketing. However, it’s the best way to promote each-other’s content, thereby having a good customer exchange. 

(iv)  Twitter

People are more sure to recall a tweet than a regular web search. This acts as a free platform that provides billions of leads!

Twitter marketing strategy requires proper planning and thinking. Nonetheless, it’s beginner-friendly, all you need to do is keep an open mind. Analyze the platform because its usage is vast.

What is digital marketing
  • As well as, works as a search engine tool to track your competitors and their tactics.
  • Sharing and promoting brands in no time.
  • The Best place to provide fast and effective customer service and support.

(v)  LinkedIn.

It’s a social network working specifically to build professional networks and developing careers. Over 40% of all social media traffic coming to company websites is derived from LinkedIn.

Finding jobs with social media marketing is made so simple through LinkedIn!

What is Digital marketing-

Basic tips to use LinkedIn for your benefits are as follows: —

  • Updating your LinkedIn profile from time to time is a must. 
  • Create your own page — helps increase awareness, generate leads, and get you the target audience.
  • Using sponsored content to start a campaign is a good way to advertise your brand between masses quickly. 

Now, you see how wide this field is…you should consider making a career in it. However, this is the best stream in online marketing for freelancers. You don’t need to attend large meetings or go to the office every day to get clients.

Social media marketing jobs are for everyone who wants to learn! There are numerous courses available both online and offline to learn it.

2. Blogging

To begin with, let us see what blogs are? Blogs are online journals where the information is displayed in reverse chronological order. “The newly published posts appear on top.”  

So, that implies blogging meaning is simply to run and control these sets of blogs. 

What is Digital marketing?

Blogging is widely used to increase the website rank in Google SERPs; more visibility of the content and hence, the brand.

Why is blogging so important? It’s believed that businesses that prioritized blogging have 13 times greater positive ROI. As well as, Companies use blogging as a way to keep the customers informed about their products and services.

This is the best stream in digital marketing for those who are excellent at writing.

One of the major challenges in blogging is initiating!

How to start Blog? 

You need to first decide your niche and based on that a name for your blog (domain name). You’ll also need a web hosting where your blogs go live, for instance, Bluehost. 

What is Digital marketing?

On these platforms many customized blog templates are already available. Have fun exploring them! This is all you need. After the whole set-up, you just need a calm mind and thorough research to get started… 

Where to start Blogging?

In the beginning, it’s best to go for self-hosted blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger. Blogging on WordPress is pretty easy, even for non-tech users. 

Blogging with WordPress is a chaos-free experience! It’s free to use, allows customization of blog designs, and lets you make money without any obstacle.

Therefore, you can use Google Analytics to observe the blog’s growth with time.

3. Search Engine Optimization

One must also learn to optimize their content with search engine optimization techniques for better SERPs ranking. What search engine optimization does is it helps find your blog to the users, in other words, it generates more traffic.

What is digital Marketing ?

Some tools available for search engine optimization that are easily accessible and user-friendly are search engine optimization Neil Patel tool and search engine optimization Yoast tool. 

The best part is these tools can be installed and activated in wordpress as plugins. 

SEO can be of two types:

  • On—page SEO

The focus is on optimizing the content of the website, itself. It tells the search engine what exactly the content is about. Here, inserting appropriate keywords at appropriate places is taken care of. Because after all, content is king!

Some of the most important techniques used are:

  1. publishing and optimizing high quality content
  2. optimizing page titles and meta descriptions
  3. Adding SEO images and other graphics
  4. URL’s optimization
  5. Building internal links 
What is digital Marketing?
  • Off—page SEO

This all about hyping the website outside its boundary. The main aim is to generate backlinks from external sources. It ensures the search engine about the usefulness of the website. This focuses on building the goodwill of the brand.

4. Content Marketing

You are wondering why content marketing is a whole another headline? Aren’t blogging and content marketing the same thing? You’ll be surprised to know that content marketing is a whole other niche. 

What is digital marketing?

As introduced above, content is the king. Content is what the search engine reads and depending on this the rank is decided. Blogging is simply a story that helps your customer connect to the brand.

One must know in content marketing what is the approach? Content marketing attracts the relevant audience. For instance, it’s content marketing the users get an accurate result when they search for an apple phone!. The content of the website helps the search engine to display results related to an iPhone and not the fruit.

Content marketing assures a rise in sales, saves money ,and brings loyal consumers.

With great benefits come great efforts. So, knowing what is the best content marketing strategy becomes important.

Here are my tips for forming the content marketing strategy: —

What is digital marketing?
  • The very basic step is to know your audience. Form your content around their needs and benefits and you’ll be good to go.
  • Set the key performance indicators (KPIs) for tracking and achieving your goals. For example, set revenue goals, or check for online traffic. 

If you’re a writer who can create great content, then this is the best stream for digital marketing for you. It isn’t a way to earn quick money but consistent money!

5. Email Marketing

It’s widely used because of its user-friendly and cost-saving nature. Email for marketing is an effective way to make money online. 

Before getting started it’s important to understand what’s email marketing? Promoting any business via email is email marketing. This helps turn one-time customers into lifetime loyal supporters.

What is Digital marketing?

Understanding email marketing tools may not be that simple since you need to manage an ever-increasing set of mailing lists. Some email marketing services are available that take all your burden. 

Some of the best email marketing free tools are GetResponse and AWeber. They also provide you with email marketing templates. So, you just start growing your business without wasting any time.

With the increasing usage of emails every day, this stream is likely to emerge as the biggest online marketing field. Therefore, if you’re looking for some job that’d be fruitful in the future, go for email marketing.

6. Affiliate Marketing

This is a marketing technique where the product owner gives rights to other marketers to sell their products. The marketer receives only a certain percentage of the sale. In simpler words, he earns a commission. 

What is digital marketing?

AM is generating a whopping 15% of all the digital marketing revenue! 

It’s the best stream of digital marketing to work from home. As well as, even students, housewives, or anybody irrespective of their qualifications can be an affiliate marketer.

In my opinion, the best way to be an affiliate marketer is to be consistent. As well as, also include it in your day-to-day activities.

7. Paid Search

As the name suggests, it’s a digital marketing technique that requires you to pay to promote your brand. However, it gives businesses the chance to do their promotions within the sponsored lists of a search engine.

Each time a user clicks on the ad, a certain amount is deducted — pay per click (PPC).

What is digital marketing?

Paid search marketing is followed on search engines as well as certain social media platforms.

  1. Facebook/Instagram paid ads
  2. Google Ads

This is an effective technique as most of these ads appear even above the top-ranking organic search results. 

If you’re an emerging business aspirant. Then paid search marketing is the best choice to create a market space of your own.

8. Web Design.

It’s a significant online advertising technique. Answering certain basic queries is important for better understanding.

What’s web design meaning? Web design meaning is just not creating websites but also maintaining websites in order to achieve higher SERP ranking.  

Why is web designing important? 75% of the customers associate web designing with the authenticity of the website.

How web design is done? To create a smooth, interactive, and user-friendly website, one must be skilled in web design tools. Web design tools comprise HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Adobe Dreamweaver is a software for web design that lets you create your website even without coding!

The average web design salary is pretty decent. The quality of the website created dictates the web designer salary eventually. 

If you are skilled then finding jobs with web design is easy compared to other online marketing fields. With the emergence of new companies every day, web design jobs are also increasing at a great pace.

Web design services are required for every business present online so its demand is ever-increasing. Going for web design learning would be a really wise decision. Opting Web design course online is also an option with a minimal web design course fee.


I’ve helped you in deciding the best stream in digital marketing for you. There’s no denying the fact that internet marketing is the present and will emerge more shortly. So, devoting your time in it won’t be a mistake. 

Even if you don’t make a career in it, it’s equally crucial even then to know its power and use it to build your dream empire!


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