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Selenium is a versatile programming testing structure that is being utilized for testing web applications. It is being utilized for robotizing experiments with the utilization of programming dialects, which incorporate Ruby, Scala, Perl, Java, PHP, and so on. These tests can be utilized to execute against various internet browsers.

Selenium incorporates a couple of segments, and each of these has a different capacity to play out the advancement of utilizations test robotization. Probably the most widely recognized components are Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver, and Selenium Grid.

While the facts confirm that the Selenium WebDriver test mechanization structure is a replacement of Selenium RC, there are as yet a few contrasts between the two. This article can assist you with developing a superior comprehension of Selenium RC versus WebDriver.

Distinction between Selenium RC and WebDriver

In this way, how about we examine Selenium RC versus WebDriver:

1. Engineering

With regards to the WebDriver engineering, it is more straightforward than the Selenium RC’s.

As it controls the program from the Operating System instrument.

WebDriver just needs the program and programming dialects IDE to work.

Selenium RC’s engineering is troublesome when contrasted with WebDriver

Right off the bat clients need to introduce and dispatch a different application referred to by the name as Selenium RC worker before beginning the experiments.

RC goes about as a middleware between the Selenium orders and the program.

2. Execution of experiment Speed

The WebDriver contents execution is a lot quicker than the Selenium RC as it works straightforwardly with the program. RC content execution is more slow than the Selenium WebDriver since it chips away at the rule of JavaScript program. The Selenium Core legitimately controls the program.

3. Article Oriented

RC isn’t a lot of article Oriented, though, then again, Selenium WebDriver is totally Object Oriented.

4. Program

Both the RC and WebDriver can be utilized on various programs, for example, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, and others. The main distinction is that WebDriver underpins the headless program, though RC doesn’t bolster the headless program

5. XPath

Selenium RC expects one to utilize the total XPath to discover the component, though the equivalent isn’t obligatory in the WebDriver.

6. Application testing

One can’t test such a the Android or iPhone application on RC, while, then again, the equivalent should be possible utilizing the WebDriver.

7. Execution of audience members

It is absurd to expect to utilize and perform usefulness of audience members in the RC, while one can do likewise with the WebDriver.

8. Grammar

While the Syntax of RC is very perplexing, the equivalent is simple and clear to comprehend on account of the WebDriver.

9. Genuine Interaction

Selenium WebDriver speaks with components of the website page in a more reasonable manner. For example, in the event that you have incapacitated the dropdown on a web application you are trying, WebDriver can’t choose any an incentive from the dropdown, much the same as how a genuine individual can’t do.

Much the same as the other JavaScript codes, Selenium RC can get to debilitated components.

Basis Selenium RC Selenium WebDriver

API RC doesn’t bolster API WebDriver underpins API

Order Line prompt Uses order line prompt No utilization of order line brief

Script It can’t run WebDriver script It can run RC contents

Reports WebDriver can’t consequently produce Test Result  RC naturally creates a HTML record of test outcomes


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