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Banking terms and ideas have consistently been a piece of our financial aspects book. In any case, they are difficult to recollect and precarious to apply. We as a whole realize that fiscal arrangement spins around repo rates, bank rates, and numerous different rates. This can prompt disarray between the ideas. This article incorporates significant financial terms for serious tests. They are characterized in basic language to cause you to see better. They are significant for banking tests as well as are asked in other general capacity papers also.

1. Repo Rate

In India, it is the rate at which the Reserve bank of India loans cash to business banks out of luck, with guarantee. This circumstance as a rule shows up at the hour of expansion. 40% is the current repo rate in India. Bank rate is like this however doesn’t expect security to give credits. The current bank rate is 4.25%.

2. Turn around Repo Rate

In India, it is the rate at which the save bank of India gets assets from business banks. It is normally done to control the cash gracefully in the market. The current converse repo rate is 3.35%.

3. Legal Liquidity Ratio

The Banks of India need to keep up a base level of money, gold, and different protections, before loaning advances to clients. This is known as the Statutory Liquidity Ratio. This exists to control credit development in the nation. The SLR rate is 18.50%.

4. Money Reserve Ratio

In India, all the banks need to keep up a specific measure of assets with the Reserve Bank of India. This is known as the Cash Reserve Ratio. It is typically expanded when the RBI needs to control liquidity in the market. The current CRR rate is 3%.

5. Retail Banking

It is an assistance offered by numerous banks the nation over. This permits each shopper to deal with their records, appreciate access to their credits, and secure their cash advantageously. This is likewise called purchaser banking.

6. Bitcoin

It is a cryptographic money that can be sent starting with one individual then onto the next with no delegates. It isn’t managed by the RBI.

7. Call Money

It is a momentary advance with generally higher intrigue. The development time of this is between 1 to 14 days. The loan specialist can request the cash whenever they need. In the event that it is reimbursed inside a day, at that point it becomes call cash. Also, in the event that it is reimbursed after over a day, at that point it becomes notice cash.

8. Capital Market/Money Market

The capital market manages long haul obligations. It raises capital offers by managing in offers, bonds, and other long haul ventures. It is conceivable in essential and in optional markets. The currency advertise, then again, manages transient assets. The development time frame is typically under 365 days.

9. Planned Bank

Save Bank of India Act, 1934 prompted the development of the Reserve Bank of India. This demonstration has certain areas. The Second Schedule of the Act has banks recorded in it called the Scheduled Banks. The banks not recorded there are Non-Scheduled Banks.

10. Non Performing Assets

For banks in India, it is any credit that is past due for more than 90 – 180 days. The intrigue or installment is missed and the advance turns into the default. The benefit kept with the bank isn’t delivering pay any longer creation it a non-performing resource.

11. Cash Inflation

It alludes to an expansion in the cash flexibly in the market lessening the buying intensity of the buyer. In simple words, the estimation of cash drops, and less products are expended per unit money. Emptying then again alludes to a diminishing in the cash flexibly that expands the buying intensity of the shopper.

12. Negative Interest Rate

It is an approach that permits national banks to charge enthusiasm to business banks for saving cash with the national bank. This, thusly, permits business banks to charge enthusiasm for money stores by clients as opposed to paying premium. This circumstance as a rule happens at the hour of emptying.

13. Green Banking

It is a plan to elevate ecologically benevolent practices to diminish carbon impression by banking exercises. It plans to accomplish banking and ecological manageability.

14. Blockchain System

It is a framework to record data in a troublesome manner to forestall hacking and cheating of the framework. It utilizes an advanced record that is circulated over various systems. Thus, the information is accessible in segments over various areas making it hard to hack.

15. Inflatable Mortgage

It is a sort of credit that permits borrowers to make low installments in the underlying time frame, however reimbursement of the equalization sum in a singular amount at development. The last installment becomes Balloon installment as a result of a higher sum.

16. Skimming

It is a demonstration to take the client’s very own data. It is finished by utilizing an attractive stripe of the card. This is illicit and goes under cybercrime.

17. Tax evasion

It is an illicit monetary procedure that incorporates crooks disguising the beginning of cash. It is as a rule to conceal the dark cash created by criminal operations.

18. Check

It is a paper that teaches the bank to pay a particular sum starting with one record then onto the next record to whom the check is given.

19. Direct Credit

It is an electronic exchange of assets from the payer’s record to the payee’s record. Direct Debit, then again, is a guidance to your bank that permits an outsider to make an exchange from your record. It is for the most part for taking care of tabs.

20. Money Credit

It is a kind of credit which is present moment in nature and fixed in the breaking point. It is normally reached out by a bank to an organization to meet its working capital prerequisites. Overdraft, then again, permits augmentation of credits for individual use too even with the low record balance.

21. Bill of Exchange

It is a money related instrument that teaches the individual to make an installment of a predefined sum to the signatory of the note. They are generally a piece of worldwide exchange.

22. Minor Standing Facility

It is a plan by the RBI that permits business banks to acquire cash from the national bank for the time being in crises like dry liquidity. In any case, the loan fee is higher than the repo rate in this circumstance. The current IMF rate is 6.75%.

23. Least Reserve System of RBI

It is a framework that makes it compulsory for the national bank to keep a base save of gold and unfamiliar trade. The current least hold sum is Rs 200 crores for the RBI.

24. Center Banking Solutions

It is a product that permits clients to get to their ledgers from any of the part branch workplaces.

25. Brought together Payment Interface

It is a framework that permits ongoing installments encouraging between bank exchanges. It is observed by the national bank and works in a split second.

26. Miniaturized scale ATMs

It’s a card swipe gadget straightforwardly associated with the primary financial framework. They are available at the areas where bank offices can’t reach.

27. Letter of Credit

It is a record by the bank that ensures full installment by the purchaser to the dealer on schedule. On the off chance that the purchaser comes up short, the bank covers the installment. It is an endeavor by the bank to the vender.

28. Bancassurance

It is an understanding among banks and insurance agencies. In this, the bank offers protection advantages to its clients.

29. Banking Ombudsman

It is a legal power that permits clients to record protests in the event that they are not content with banking administrations.

30. NOSTRO Account

It is a record that the bank has of unfamiliar money stores with another bank of that nation. It is to start unfamiliar trade and exchange exchanges.

31. VOSTRO Account

It is a record that a bank hangs in the interest of another bank. The assets in this record are for unfamiliar partners.


The Mumbai Interbank Offered Rate is the rate at which a bank offers a momentary credit to different banks. The current MIBOR rate is 4.28%.

33. CASA Account

It is a blend of current and investment accounts. It offers highlights of both the records. CASA Account has a low-loan cost on the current record or more normal profit for sparing return.

34. RAFA Account

It is the proportion of stores in Recurring Deposit Account Fixed Deposit Account of a bank.

35. DEMAT Account

It is a record that permits Indian residents to manage stocks and debentures recorded in the financial exchange. Like typical records have cash stores, Demat accounts have stock stores.

36. Legitimate Tender

It is a type of cash that must be acknowledged ( by law ) as an installment of any money related obligation.

37. Cash Chest

It is a safe by the national bank of India. There are 4,075 money chests in India. All the overabundance cash of the nation is kept here under authority.

38. Indebtedness

It is a circumstance where the individual/organization can’t pay its obligations on schedule.

39. Chapter 11

After an individual or organization gets bankrupt, they can look for help from a few or all obligations. This legitimate procedure is Bankruptcy.

40. Amortization

It is the way toward disseminating the installments in littler portions. What’s more, amortization of benefits is distributing a cost to an impalpable resource.

41. Credit Crunch

It is a circumstance where there is an abrupt fall in the accessibility of credits from banks and different moneylenders.

42. Outer Commercial Borrowings

It is an exchange where a non-occupant of the nation loans unfamiliar money credit to an Indian.

43. Little Finance Banks

It is a section of banks to give money related security to private ventures and enterprises.

44. Loan fee Swap

It is an agreement to trade all future financing costs of a credit between two substances.

45. Open Credit Registry (PCR)

It is an open record that has money related data pretty much all borrowers in India.

46. Shaky Sheet Exposure

This sheet incorporates all exercises that don’t include loaning or obtaining however produce expense pay for banks.

47. Need Sector Lending

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