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How to get started with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a method of marketing in which a person promotes or recommends the products of another company or organization through one of his sources, such as a blog or website.

So you must be thinking, how to get started with Affiliate marketing program? Well, it starts with a company or organization that wants to promote its product and reach masses. They start their Affiliate program to achieve the same goal.

So how does it benefits the one who’s doing the affiliate marketing? The answer to this question is pretty simple. The affiliate program provides you with a “special link,” which you can promote through your website, YouTube channel, or blog. When a consumer clicks on this link while visiting your site and end up buying something, then you, as its promoter, receive a commission amount for the same.

Why is affiliate marketing gaining so much popularity?

Unlike other marketing techniques, affiliate marketing is gaining a widespread boost as it uses the most powerful tool of this world, ” The Internet.” Since it works on the internet, it does not need any physical workspace, inventory, or a huge investment! All you need is a laptop and an internet connection, and you can end up earning a lot of money in just a few days, even while you are sleeping!

You must be Why do people some people earn in thousands/lakhs of rupees while some are struggling to get even hundreds?

The difference between a successful and an average affiliate marketer is how they have built their portfolios (i.e., website, blog, etc.), what their portfolios reach, and what the target audience is.

A successful affiliate marketer knows about his target audience and will explicitly link the affiliate program with what is based on his niche. For example, if Nitish has a blog where he’s teaching music, then if he chooses a product like a guitar, there’s a very high chance the product will be sold through his link, and he’ll get the commission. If he chooses something other than music it won’t be attracting the audience who are visiting his blog and it won’t help both the parties as the customer doesn’t need that stuff, and if they don’t buy from that link Nitish doesn’t get anything

It’s also essential to get good quality and quantity of audience, as this will increase the chances of an actual sale, thus earning the profit: more sales and more income.

 If you own a viral website YouTube channel, etc. and choose a product accordingly, then your road to millions gets quite seamless.

 How to start with affiliate marketing?

Step 1: Create a website or a blog and choose an industry you’re interested in!

2: Research on that industry and note the potential products that can be interesting in your blog

3: Sign up for an affiliate program

4: Write up about the product in the form of tutorial or reviews and use your affiliate link

5: Optimize your page by tracking the ranks in Google

Most important step 6: Work hard and be patient as everything takes time and do not lose hope!

Repeat these steps with dedication, and you will see the results with your own eyes!

Which Affiliate program should you choose?

In our country, Affiliate marketing is entirely new and gaining popularity at an exponential speed, so getting started with it earlier will give you an advantage over others.

So we have listed some popular Affiliate program providers:

1. Amazon Associates: Launched in 2013 in the Indian market and now becoming the largest e-commerce website in the world, Amazon has become a brand of trust not only for its customers but also for its affiliates. It offers a wide range of products to choose your niche from and can also provide higher commission rates as far as 12%.

2. Flipkart Affiliate: Launched in 2007 and India’s e-commerce giant Flipkart’s Affiliate program is also a great program to sign up on. It’s doesn’t require any registration fee, can offer higher advertising rates ( up to 15%), and has vast customer service to rely upon.

How to get started with affiliate marketing

3. V-Commision: One of the leading affiliate marketing network with 18000+ affiliates. Its focus is on delivering performance on mobile and web to the top Indian brands through their affiliate program.

How to get started with affiliate marketing

Their network brings CPS, CPI, CPC, and CPA offers, and one of the advantages is that it helps affiliates generate more sales.

4. eBay: eBay is also a perfect platform to start with your affiliate marketing with. A wide range of products and commission rates are up to 12%. However, it’s a good way of getting started as they have the highest and quickest payouts in the industry.

5. Nearby: A popular local platform in India provides one of the best affiliates programs with high commission rates. You need to make a simple content plan and start promoting your Nearbuy affiliate links.

6. GoDaddy Affiliates: A Popular website that promotes website building also provides a great deal in its affiliates program with no sign-up fees and ease to setup.

How to get started with affiliate marketing

7. MakeMyTrip affiliate: If your blog is related to travel and tourism, MMT can be the best choice for you. For the cutthroat competition in the travel industry, MMT affiliates can be an excellent opportunity for earning higher commission rates and enjoying the freedom of passive income.

How to get started with affiliate marketing

8. AdmitAd: Since it is a CPA provider long before its launch in 2005, it provides a very high conversion rate and offers global campaigns with a payment cycle of 7-10 days.

9. HostGator Affiliate: A web hosting company well known for its broad customer base can be a good option for your affiliate marketing to get started and earn passive income. However, it’s an excellent opportunity for those who are interested in dealing with web designing and hosting services

How to get started with affiliate marketing

10. DGM India: This ad network is one of the leading affiliate marketing companies in India, so get started with this. They can be an excellent platform for you to earn by promoting the products of some valuable companies. Not only they provide attractive commission rates, but also they provide rewards and great offers to top performers, and you can also join up with no joining cost.

These are one of the top affiliate program providers in India, and their brand names have a high probability of sales. So as a beginner, all you need to focus on is to get a quality audience.

Tips for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a cinch- Promote a company or a product and get a commission on each sale. 

But is it as easy as it seems? Well, honestly, it is, when DONE RIGHT.

Whether you are new or have prior experience, all you need is a few tactics up the sleeves to knock off the game of affiliate marketing.

Below mentioned are the top 6 tips for affiliate marketing that will help you make money while you sleep.

1. Love what you do

I cannot stress this point enough! If you are approaching affiliate marketing with the ethos of just paying your bills, better think twice.

 If you don’t love what you do, you are simply walking towards the doom. Assuming you are into this for a long haul and want to kick up the game, you must enjoy your work and be mindful of what you put your time and energy into. 

2. Believe in the product you are Sponsoring

Sponsoring a product, with the prime purpose of earning money, with no actual knowledge is a big NO-NO. It takes time to build a loyal audience. So better not waste it by promoting anything and everything. 

Put some thoughts into products and services you are looking forward to promoting. The best way to promote a product is to conduct your own personal research. It helps the followers to relate better, thus increasing your conversion rate.

3. Be honest about affiliate Relationships

Readers love honesty! Period! It won’t take much for a reader to sidestep your link, anytime they sense you are not honest about your affiliate relationship.

Always be lucid about your affiliate relationship. If possible, try to add a bonus or an incentive to your affiliate link. This will help you gain an extra advantage over your competitors.

4. Be Helpful!

Why would someone click on your affiliate link when you have nothing valuable to offer? Just throwing out links to products with no heart will do no good.

If you are in this business for the long term, focus on being helpful first, then think about making sales. Make your content timeless, valuable, and informative. When you have the reader’s best interest in mind, it will automatically come through your content. That little personal touch will always encourage your readers to come back for more.

5. Build a professional website

Though there are multiple social media platforms to build your audience, when it comes to affiliate marketing, having your own professional website is a must. It’s also true that many are doing it with no website, but their customer experience is limited.

Not to mention, user experience and sales go hand it hand. Would you like to buy clothes from a shabby looking store? So why would your readers? Assuming you are in it for the long haul, and want to create your own brand and reputation, get a reliable user-friendly website that looks great and never goes offline.

6. It’s never too late to start

“Affiliate marketing is dead”. Maybe you have heard this phase n- number of times. But is it true? Maybe it is true for those who are using shortcuts to success.

With the use of proper techniques and technology, affiliate marketing is more profitable than ever before. Have a vision, lay out your plan, build your team, and grow with the fast-changing world of affiliate marketing.

Final Words

Trust me, affiliate marketing is one of the best online money making opportunity with little to worry about. Be creative with your strategies and turn your profits from a static income to a significant source of revenue and get started.

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