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Best Keyword Research Tools

It’s interesting to know that 75% of the general public don’t go beyond the first search engine result pages. For people to read your content it needs a high ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If people can’t find your site in search results, you’re missing out on traffic, leads, and sales. One of the best ways to solve that problem and boost your traffic is with these 7 best keyword research tools.

Good content must include apt keywords. Keywords are the search queries people look for in the search engines. Finding correct keywords can be a bit of havoc! Also, wondering if you can get the free best keyword research tools?

Stay tuned till the end so you can get all queries answered. These are some of the 7 best keyword research tools for free that are unique in themselves. Read and figure out which one’s the best for you.

These are 7 Best Keyword Research tools

1. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is the best keyword research tool for YouTube. It increases the visibility of your channel on YouTube by using appropriate optimized keywords and tags in your channel descriptions.

In other words, it is a free browser extension and mobile app that integrates into YouTube to boost your channel directly.

Best Keyword Research Tools
Key features:

1.Advanced keyword research

The best keyword research tools find the high-performing, searchable video topics, and frames the most appropriate titles and tags for you.

2. Saves half your publishing times.

As well as, it provides you numerous time-saving templates and tools that speed up the publishing time.

3. Rank higher in search results.

It follows YouTube’s best practices ensuring that your videos set up for success.

4. Gain more views and subscribers.

It promotes your videos through a variety of tools and uses the existing ones to direct traffic to newer uploads.

Best Keyword Research Tools

5. Test, Tweak, and Win the click.

It helps to improve your thumbnails with streamlined A/B testing.

Its user-friendliness has made it popular amongst more than 3,000,000 YouTube creators and brands. If you’re a budding YouTuber, then this is the best YouTube keyword research tool for you. Go try the keyword research tool-free!

2. KWFinder

The average conversion rate for a long tail keyword is 36% which is much higher than single keywords. But generating such keyword ideas can be tough! So, Mangools has created one of the best long-tail keyword research tools, KWFinder.

However, it acts as the best keyword generator for long-tail keywords with low SEO difficulty and higher search volumes.

Key features: –

1. Find hidden long-tail keywords.

Along with keyword suggestions, keyword metrics are provided. Keyword metrics include last year’s search volume trends, average monthly search volumes, average CPC in google ads, keyword competitiveness, and difficulty.

2.Find your competitor’s keywords.

Knowing how your competitor is ranking higher is important so you can use his tactics and do better.

3. It is the best keyword planner alternative.

4. As well as, it provides you with Google suggested keyword sources that can import relevant keywords in bulk.

It does all the SERP analysis and SEO metrics for you and organizes the keywords in a keyword list.

They’re now giving a 48-days money-back guarantee on all their plans. Still unsure? Go for a free-trial without even needing a credit card! Try all the features and see your conversion rates booming within a short time.

3. Semrush

If you’re looking for an all-in-one digital marketing toolkit, then SEMrush should be your choice. It crafts the perfect content and advertising strategies for you.

Key features: –

1.Analytics Reports

It makes you understand your competitor’s approaches better. As well as, it analyses in- display advertising, organic and paid research, and building links. SEMrush data is used to compare competitive domains and keyword difficulty in a few clicks.

2. Tools

SEMrush tools allow you to access over 20 million keyword ideas and get an elegant custom comparison report in PDF format. It even assures your total SEO writing assistance.

3. Projects.

You can launch your website global campaigns and track all essential metrics. Checking competitors associated, keyword rankings, and on-page health are easy.

4. Hand-on guides.

It lets you build, manage, and measure your campaigns through simplified hand-on guides. They empower your market intellect so you can make better-informed decisions.

We all know that online marketing is complex. But with the use of correct tools and strategies, it can become a piece of cake for you! All SEMrush plans include over 40 cutting-edge tools and features to provide a personalized solution to all your troubles. Go for a free trial to learn more.


4. Neil Patel Ubersuggest

Do you have a hard time incorporating the SEO rules and strategies? Don’t worry, Neilpatel Ubersuggest will do all the work for you. Keyword research tools in SEO are important because it’s usually the first step in any SEO campaign.

This keyword planner tool gives you an insight into the strategies that are working for others in your market. Therefore, by analyzing these strategies, you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge over them pretty fast.

best keyword research tool
Key features: –

1.Top SEO pages.

It gives you the SEO pages report of the contents that are the ranking the highest for the popular keyword phrases.

2. Keyword suggestions.

It is among the best keyword research tools for SEO. In other words, it gives you numerous keyword ideas with their search volumes, keyword competition, and even seasonal trends.

best keyword research tools.

3. Content ideas

One of the unique features of the Neil Patel keyword tool is that it finds the most liked content in your niche. In addition, With this, you understand what type of contents hold people’s attention.

4. Backlink data

This is amongst the best keyword research tools that track the exact content in your niche that people are linking to. However, you can approach and ask these sites to link them to you.

Want access to over 6 billion keywords, 2 trillion links, and 1 billion pieces of content, join ubersuggest now! However, it’s free for individuals and charges a minimal amount from the companies.  

5. Keywords Everywhere

Tired of switching between your keyword tool and google keyword planner? Install keywords everywhere and be trouble-free.

best keyword research tools.
Key features: –

1.It is a browser add-on keyword tool. It is the best free keyword research extension for chrome and Firefox. However, this keyword search tool digs CPC, search volumes, competitive data on over 16 websites useful for online marketers.

2. It also acts as a keyword suggestion tool for long-tail phrases.

3. It makes keyword discovery easy by providing “people also search for” and “related” keywords from Google and Bing.

4. It gives you the authority to download keyword metrics for any set of keywords in Excel, CSV, or PDF file formats.

The best part is this act as your free keyword tool, you don’t need any monthly subscriptions! You buy credits as per your needs and you get the desired number of keywords accordingly.

6. Long-tail pro

Long-tail pro is a competitor keyword research tool for long-tail phrases. As well as, it easily finds the less competitive long-tail keywords that get you high-converting traffic in no time.

Key features: –

1.It works on the 3 Tried-And-Tested methods for keyword research – finding long-tail keyword ideas from head terms, checking what’s working for you, and finally comprehending how well the keywords would work for you.

2. It simplifies your keyword selection process by letting you create filters based on your standard CPC bid, search volumes, rank values, etc. Therefore, use keyword metrics at any time to understand which keywords are working best for your campaigns.

3. You can calculate the capability of keyword ideas for your website on a scale of 0-100. By simply entering your domain URL, you can calibrate the keyword competitiveness.

4.The tool color code keywords according to the difficulty: green for easy, yellow for moderate, and unshaded for out of reach content.

4. It is the best keyword spy tool that conducts website analysis of the top websites appearing on SERPs. It also has a rank-tracker to give you daily rank data updates.

5. Long-tail boot camp courses attempt to make you understand the fundamentals of keyword research. Further in-depth knowledge of digital marketing can be obtained from long-tail university courses.

You get this keyword planner with all the features starting just from $25/mo. As well as, you get a 10-days money-back guarantee. Why hesitate? Explore the best keyword research tools now!

7. LSI Graph

The ranking of your website depends completely on to what extent the search engine understands your content. Better the clarity of content, higher will be your ranking on SERP!

Using some helper LSI keywords in addition to the main keywords increase the feasibility of boosting your content.

However, LSI graph is among the best keyword research tools to get semantically-associated keywords that fulfill all your SEO needs.

best keyword research tools
Key features: –

1.LSI keyword revealer discovers LSI keywords that work for your topic and niche.

2. It ranks LSI keywords based on a unique formula, Latent Semantic Value (LSV). In addition, picking the keyword with the best LSV and using it in your content appropriately upsurges the ranking enormously.

3. It uncovers the high-ranking competitor content so you can outrank them easily with the help of LSI keywords.

Try its free version and observe the magic of LSI keywords on your site rankings by yourself.

All these are google keyword planner free alternatives! You don’t need google ads to account to access them.

However, selecting the best keyword research tools to free you from all the stress of forming the best online marketing strategy. So, choose your keyword research tool wisely.


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